As a married man, Justin Timberlake knows just how nerve-racking popping the question can be -- he got down on one knee to propose to his beauty of a wife, actress Jessica Biel. So when Joshua Clemons reached out to the 'TKO' singer about his proposal plans, Timberlake was happy to be on board to help out.

So after JT performed 'That Girl' on Sunday night (Dec. 15) in Louisville, Ky., the crooner pointed at Clemons and his girlfriend, Kim Martin, and invited them onstage. "Josh called me earlier, he's got something he wants to tell you," Timberlake told Martin.

At that moment, the pop star left the riser, only to return to give Clemons the mic, and let the man do his thing. While we can't really hear what the couple is saying due to all the screaming, the kneel followed by a kiss clearly shows that she did say yes.

The crowd erupted, and a smiling Justin Timberlake applauded the couple. Looks like he and Biel just might get an invitiation to their wedding.