Despite Justin Bieber's recent legal drama, the Canadian singer finally drops the video to the Chance the Rapper-featured song 'Confident.' The video is directed by Collin Tilley, who directed Bieber's previous 'All That Matters' video.

The clip follows Bieber's attempts to woo a confident girl he notices from afar. This is a task that takes him a whole video to do, thanks in part to the utter lack of game he shows when he tries to talk to her. The dancing entourage that follows him throughout doesn't help matters either.

Chance the Rapper doesn't do much to help Bieber in his romantic escapades. He merely dances around in a separate spot while reciting his verse. The crooner proves he doesn't need his help at the end when he finally gets the girl.

The video release doesn't come without more drama for Bieber. As the video hit the Internet, he turned himself in to Toronto police for an assault case that dates back to December. That girl is going to have to deal with a bad boy, apparently.