The trial of the century is finally over! This is the most over exaggerated news story I have ever witnessed in my life. If you haven't followed the biggest scandal in the 518. There was a fight on a bus amongst some college students and accusations of racial slurs were contested.

The climate of the country made this story a lot bigger of a deal than the actual crime that occurred. There were rallies, marches protest, even Hillary Clinton mentioned it. If you look at the whole coverage of this event from a legal standpoint, the case is actually very boring. Here is the final out come of the the CDTA bus trial.

Former UAlbany students Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell were found not guilty of assault and attempted assault, but both were found guilty of two counts of falsely reporting an incident.
Asha Burwell was also found not guilty of harassment. None of the charges were felonies.

People sensitivity to race issues is at all time high and a lot of it comes from situations like this being blown out of proportion. Mix that with drunk college students on a bus and you have the CDTA bus scandal. The college girls are still waiting to be sentenced they face up to two years in prison. I doubt they will go to jail for a day, ill keep you posted.

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