Hot 99.1 presents Juelz Santana performing live at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park on Saturday, January 12th. Juelz recently spoke to Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex about the delayed Diplomats reunion album.

The project, which was slated to be titled “Diplomatic Immunity 3”, has been in the works for over 3 years now. He said the delays were partly his fault, saying he wasn’t really in the zone at the time of the announcement.

“I’m not going to even lie – when we put out the Salute record, it was still at the time where I wasn’t doing a lot of music, period. I wasn’t back in the zone that I needed to be in musically. It’s not even about the project. I had the same way like when I took a break from everything. I wasn’t really in my mojo to just sit down and just complete a Dipset project. In order to get it right, we’ve got to make it all the way right. That’s why I’m saying it is possible, because I know Cam is willing to do, I’m sure Jim is willing to do it. I’ve always been willing to do it.”

Now that he’s back in the lab and on his grind, hopefully we’ll hear something soon. Check out the full interview with Flex below.