It’s hard to believe, but even though JoJo recorded her first hit single eight years ago, she’s still only 21 years old. Now, six years after her last proper album, JoJo is back with a sexy new song called ‘Demonstrate,’ perhaps the most “adult” track she’s ever recorded.

This is a song the ‘Leave (Get Out)’ singer never would’ve recorded when she debuted in 2004. JoJo has a little something on her mind, but she’d prefer to express herself through actions rather than words. She purrs, “There’s a lot of freaky sh– running in my mind that I can’t say / But I can demonstrate / And I can let my body explain.”

The slow jam features minimal instrumentation from producer Noah “40″ Shebib, best known for his work with Drake, including ‘Marvin’s Room,’ a song JoJo covered last year in concert. JoJo comfortably moves in and out of falsetto, sounding as sexy and confident as Mariah Carey ever has, when she sings, “I’m arrested by the night, only you can set me free / Guilty, but I’m not ashamed / I’m exactly where I wanted to be / I leave the door open wide in hopes that you would sneak inside.”

We love this new side of JoJo! Hopefully there will be more tunes like this on JoJo’s next album, ‘Jumping Trains,’ which still awaits a release date.


Listen to JoJo, ‘Demonstrate’

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