JoJo is filming a new video for her latest single, ‘Demonstrate,’ and now fans can hear what inspired the clip and her song.

In an interview with the Rap-Up, the 21-year-old singer is shown on set at a mansion in Beverly Hills, where she reveals that the video is of her “personal twisted fantasy.” JoJo is offering visuals for the sexy song, but while she’s pushing her boundaries, she didn’t want it to ”so overt as it could have gone with the lyrics.”

The pop star has filmed some steamy moments with a male model, which she admits is not the most comfortable situation. “As a human being, it just feels awkward because normally it takes you months to get up to that point where you’d be so intimate with someone,” she says, adding, “but it was fun, it was kind of liberating. It feels like a naughty thing to do.”

‘Demonstrate’ will be the new single from JoJo’s third studio album, which she’s taking in a new direction after ditching ‘Jumping Trains’ last month. “I just wanted to bring fresh energy to this project — it deserves that — and demonstrate is kind of the first taste of what’s to come with this, and it sets a good precedent for that of kind of the atmosphere that I want to create,” she explains. “I just felt like my records that I recorded for ‘Jumping Trains’ were more aggressive and just not where I am anymore. That’s not where I am. I’m feeling more feminine. I’m just feeling good, so I want to represent that.”

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