That eternal heartthrob known as Johnny Depp is now engaged to actress Amber Heard, which begs the question: How does Vanessa Paradis, the actor's longtime former love and mother of his children Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11, feel about Depp's engagement, even though they were together for 14 years with no ring?

Turns out French singer and actress Paradis is totally fine with it. No, really!

A source said that Depp even called his ex to tell her that he was engaged and she "wished him happiness" and that there was "no drama."

One reason she was likely fine with it? She is now dating French pop star Benjamin Biolay, so she has no reason to ruminate on Depp's committed romance. An insider said Paradis is "not bitter" and that she is "happy."

Depp, 50, and Heard, 27, met on the set of their film 'The Rum Diary.' He and Paradis, 41, split in 2012 and he began dating Heard.

See, not every breakup has to be bitter and acrimonious! Plus, Depp and Paradis have two kids to consider, so it's better to be civil and happy for one another, for the sake of the kids.