It's been a rough decade for John Travolta, and his self-destructive slide looks to continue now that he's signed on to voice the lead character in a Gummy Bears movie. For that reason, we have a hard time believing that he's spoken to the James Bond franchise producers about playing a villain in a future film, but according to a recent interview, he claims that such meetings have occurred and have been fruitful.

Amidst the discussions of his career and personal life, the 'Pulp Fiction' star spoke to The Telegraph about his love for playing bad guys and said that his ultimate goal is to eventually go toe-to-toe with Agent 007:

I would love that. They’re going a different way with their villain in this next film but I’ve spoken to Barbara Broccoli about it and she loves the idea, so that would be great.

Broccoli is, of course, the head producer and driving force behind the Bond series, but there are a couple of ways to interpret what Travolta said. He could have actually taken an official meeting with her in her office, and shared a drink and a laugh before seriously talking about making him a part of her Daniel Craig-fueled, restored-to-its-former-glory franchise. However, he also could've cornered her in the lobby at the 'Skyfall' premiere and she casually told him it was a great idea.

It's not that Travolta is a bad actor -- he's just a big ham and not the right kind of ham for the current take on Bond. The past few films have used tremendous actors like Javier Bardem and Mads Mikkelsen to great effect, so it's hard to see someone like Travolta successfully following in their footsteps. Of course, now we can cue the "John Travolta as Blofeld" rumors, which hopefully won't be too much of a thing.

There's actually another interesting nugget of information for Bond fans to consider here. Travolta says the next film is going "a different way" with its villain, which means the next 007 adversary may not be a heavy-lidded white guy. Scoop!

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