It’s a shame that she even had to go to court to continue to receive any payouts from her late father’s estate.

Twenty-one-year-old Cleopatra Singleton — one of the late filmmaker’s seven children — just got what she’d asked for a couple months ago … a monthly allowance of nearly $3,000, plus a one-time payment to cover her semester abroad. A judge signed off on it just this week. Who within the family was fighting for her to continue to receive the support that he was giving her while he was alive? Family is suppose to come together at the time of death, instead, we’ve seen so many torn apart by greed and money. What this girl was asking for is not a lot at all, so for her to have to go to court and fight is a damn shame.

Per the order, Cleopatra will receive $2,778 a month — as well as a one-time payout of $4,150. It’s exactly what she’d requested back in September, arguing that her father had taken care of her finances while he was alive … and she needs the dough to hold her over.

Without a will or a wife, his children are his next of kin and entitled to receive everything he has. This a reminder to all of us that we must have our legal affairs in order when it comes to our Wills and what we are leaving to others when we pass on this earth. It was reported that $35 million is in John’s estate and has to be divided up by a court because he had no will.

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