"Whatever's in his mind I disagree with him."

Those words were spoken by John Legend when he was asked about Kanye West's support of Donald Trump.

It was during a conversation with a reporter from the French publication Clique, who also asked the R&B crooner what he thought of Ye's recent meeting with the President-elect. He also asked Legend if he would ever sit down with Trump himself.

"I don't think it's impossible to talk to [Trump] about issues," he said. "But I won't be used as a publicity stunt. I think Kanye was a publicity stunt ... I'm pretty disappointed with Kanye that he says he would have voted for Trump. I think Trump has been corrosive," Legend continued. "His message has been corrosive to the country. I think the things he's promised to do have been very concerning for a lot of people, and for Kanye to support that message is very disappointing."

Yesterday (Dec. 13), Yeezy sent out a bunch of tweets to explain why he met with the wealthy Republican, which he said had to do with a variety of issues, including curbing some of Chicago's violence.

"I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues," wrote West. "These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculum and violence in Chicago ... I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change."

You can watch a piece of John Legend's interview with Clique above.

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