R&B crooner Jidenna has his own throwback swag on "Classic Man." However, the Wondaland artist has just enlisted Kendrick Lamar to lend a few verses and rough up the vibe of his bouncy track.

From the very beginning, "Classic Man (Remix)" sounds a lot quicker and has a heavier bass beat on it than the original. But we really see how the song's been changed up with K.Dot's opening verse.

"I'm the only n---- doin' it / You other n----s ruined it / I'm too legit, go Hammer with the foolishness / My nana said my grandma can maneuver this industry / Until I'm stupid rich and now I'm stupid rich, ah," he delivers.

The song returns to Jidenna's original glory as he sings about his clean-cut and dapper way of life. With his tailored suits and manicured coif, he glides through the song about owning the town and doing it all with class.

"I burn through the hood like, 'Whoa' / When everybody's feeling so cold / I cool like Nat King Cole and n----s get a bit of my glow / I got charm like a leprechaun, mamaf---er / Now y'all f---ing with the wrong mamaf---er / Treat me like a don, mamaf---er / And we don't live by the law, mamaf---er," he sings on the second verse.

"Classic Man (Remix)" is supposed to be included in Jidenna's upcoming album, Wondaland Presents: The Eephu, via Janelle Monae's label, Wondaland Records. Aside from working with K.Dot, Jidenna has also been featured on Monae's track, "Yoga."

Listen to Jidenna's Song "Classic Man (Remix)" Feat. Kendrick Lamar

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