Another mic rant and cancelled concert, but this time Jeremih is the culprit.

Currently on the "Summer's Over" tour with PartyNextDoor, the singer took the stage at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom last night only to perform two songs before saying, "Oh, they some haters, man. F--- ya'll."

It's unclear who the "haters" are but the video above clearly shows an upset Jeremih with no intentions of returning to the stage. Many concertgoers refer to the Chi-town singer as throwing a "tantrum" because he got his "feelings hurt" by a few audience members, but the 29-year-old entertainer tells a different story.

Earlier today, Jeremih took to Twitter to explain what really happened on stage last night as he was attempting to perform "The Body," his hit alongside Wale.

"Chicago u know I love y'all ', I didn't say 'f--k y'all' I said 'ah they some hatas! Fuck yalll!' (to the sound people) that cut off my ears while performing," Jeremih says. "Truth is "they" didnt want me 2 perform tonight.. it sad people will take ur money and blatantly make it seem like I only want to do 2 songs."

His apology may help, but there was no excuse for fans who paid to see the performer hit the stage. Jeremih isn't the only one who has unexpectedly cancelled shows recently.
Kanye West (who was, of course, later
Yelawolf have all ended tours abruptly for various reasons. Hopefully this isn't becoming a trend. 

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