Jennifer Lopez won't be a judge on 'American Idol' in 2013, but she still thinks this year is full of "infinite possibilities." On New Year's Eve, she sent out a tweet that conveyed her excitement for the year and confirmed one important piece of information: She has a new album coming!

Album No. 10, which remains untitled, will be the follow-up to 2011's 'Love?,' which re-established J.Lo's rightful position among the world's top dance-pop artists. RedOne is executive-producing the record and gave MTV the scoop about the new music.

"We already have songs that are just incredible," he said. "It's just amazing. It's mixed [styles]. It's everything about Jennifer Lopez... It's a very special album. It feels like this album, to us, has to have everything about her, not just one thing. You're going to have all the sides, kind of urban/hip-hop and the commercial, like the way she did with Ja Rule. It's everything you love about her: the dance, the rhythmic, the Latin."

J. Lo and RedOne worked together on a handful of songs on 'Love?,' including the lead single 'On the Floor,' and also teamed up for 'Dance Again,' the Pitbull collabo from Lopez's most recent hits collection.

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