Jay Z is not here for your fanboy shenanigans—particularly as they pertain to his wife.

On Monday (Aug.22), outside of SVA Theatre in NYC, Jay was captured on video by TMZ when he pushed an annoying fan who was determined to get a selfie with Beyoncé as she attempted to get into her limo. Jay then threw him a serious side-eye that clearly said dude could catch it if he didn't chill. Jay's security stepped in and handled the fan before the rapper really had to do anything, but still.

Bey has sang about life in the limelight on more than one occasion, one of the more memorable times being her collabo with her hubby on "Drunk In Love" where she sings that she's, "feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill." Famous or not, Jay rightfully let it be known that no matter how much you may think you have rights to his wife as a fan, you don't. And if you get too out of line, you can catch hands.

The couple has been spotted vacationing over the summer, a well earned rest from Beyoncé's ongoing "Formation" tour, which has already raked in over $123 million, though it doesn't wrap stateside until October. Bey also just released new Lemonade merch over the weekend, which is available on her site.

Check out Jay defending his wife the video above.

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