Jay Z has inspired many artists to pursue music and business, but a man in Hawaii claims that Hov instructed him to kill. Jason Russell Jump is accused of murdering his landlord in December 2012 and he claims Hov possessed his body and told him to do it.

According to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Jump appeared at a hearing last Friday (Oct. 9) where multiple psychologists testified to determine if he is fit for trial. According to psychologist Dr. Duke Wagner, Jay Z “has been a constant figure” in the mind of Jump, who allegedly bludgeoned to death his landlord, James V. Johns, a 54-year-old man in a wheelchair.

Wagner said Jump told authorities at the time of the murder that he should “put Jay Z in prison for the murder of James Johns and put other Illuminati who’ve been attacking (Jump) in prison, too." Dr. Wagner also added that Jump suffers from persecutory delusional disorder.

However, Dr. Leonard Jacobs testified that Jump has feigning schizophrenia and that a video he reviewed of Jump before the homicide was "mainly of a man who was high on drugs.”

Another psychologist, Dr. Edmund Valerio of Hawaii State Hospital, where Jump is confined, thinks the 39-year-old alleged murderer is fit for trial and believes "he’s very coherent; he knows what he’s doing."

Jump -- who holds the distinction of having the words “Jesus Christ” scrawled across forehead -- has also said that celebrities of the Illuminati are eating away at his stomach.

Crazy or not, Jump has 99 problems -- mentally -- and Jay Z may not be one of them. But we digress.

A judge is expected to make his decision on Jump’s mental state for trial on Nov. 24.

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