Bryson Tiller is making no apologies. The rising singer takes fans to his hometown of Louisville, Ky. in the video for "Sorry Not Sorry," a track featured on his TRAPSOUL album.

The clip starts off with a 4x4 screen, squared up and definitely Instagram-friendly. The filter over the video is also reminiscent of the social media site and creates a nostalgic feel.

The upbeat track features a Street Fighter sample and uses the famous phrase "Fight," which the announcer asserts in the classic video game. Almost immediately after the phrase is said, the visual turns to a young boy running through the streets of Tiller's hood.

Several shots show scenes around the small town including sheds, lawn chairs set aside for a sunny day and lone dogs roaming about until viewers catch the "Exchange" singer heading into a humble brick house with an American flag waving in front.

"I used to think about how you would act / When a n---- got money / Now you done switched up on me," he sings.

But it seems there's more to this story since the TRAPSOUL creator finds the people he knows acting brand new. The kid from the first shot is burning down a house. Perhaps Tiller, goes by the nickname Pen Griffey, is burning the bridges to past acquaintances as well. See for yourself in the visual above.

Fans can catch the crooner live this month as well as he's scheduled to perform in New York City at SOBs on Oct. 21 and at Los Angeles' The Roxy on Oct. 25 and 26.

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