To kick off the release of J. Cole's second LP, 'Born Sinner,' the Roc Nation artist has launched his new interactive website, The digital platform will be the new hub for content including his new vlog series.

In episode one of the series, the rapper's mother, Kay Cole, speaks about the day she was able to quit her postal job because of her son's success.

If you didn’t notice the black-and-white artwork on the rapper's single, 'Cole Summer,' that's Mama Cole walking towards her mail truck. She worked at the United States Postal Service for 25 years and was proud of delivering mail to people on her route.

But on her final day on the job, she soon realized that her life would be forever changed -- all thanks to her son.

"I went back to sorting my mail to get ready for delivery and all the sudden I just squealed," she recalls. "I was like, 'I don't have to deliver mail anymore.' It just hit me. Free, free."

"It's a little bittersweet. I loved the people I worked with," she continues. "But I also anticipate for the future."

It's an inspiring video with thoughtful pictures of Kay Cole eager to move on and embark on a new journey with her talented son.

J. Cole's 'Born Sinner' will arrive in stores on June 25.

Listen to J. Cole's 'Cole Summer'