Last week we shared with you that there was an airline that was going to discontinue flights from Westchester County Airport in White Plains NY, this week there has been another airline canceling yet another route. For more info about the flight that United Airlines is saying "Good-bye" to, click here.

What is the most recent route that will cease to exist as of September 1? Is it the same airline carrier or a different one?

Is airline travel ending at Westchester County Airport in White Plains NY?

Delta Air Lines May Seek Bankruptcy Protection
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No, not all of the airlines are leaving the Westchester County Airport, there are just airlines that are making changes to their offerings. The most recent airline to make a change is Delta Airlines. Delta will be continuing their flights to Detroit Michigan and Atlanta Georgia, but they are saying adios to Beantown, Boston Massachusetts.

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When will the flights be ending from Westchester County Airport to Boston Mass?

Delta Reports Quarterly Earnings
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Let's be clear, Delta Air Lines is ending their daily flight to Boston from Westchester starting on September 1, 2023. Delta will be (as of this time) continuing their other flights.

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Why is Delta Air Lines ending their daily service from Westchester to Boston?

The reasons are simple economics. If there were more people taking the flights, then the airlines would be more motivated to continue them.

Have you ever flown out of Westchester County Airport in White Plains? Do you fly a lot? Which is your preferred airport? Do you like the convenience of Stewart Airport in New Windsor or Westchester in White Plains? Albany Airport? Or do you prefer to go out of New York City or Newark?

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