Yung Bleu's wife threatens divorce after accusing him of cheating and flying another woman out.

Yung Bleu's Wife Accuses Him of Cheating and Tosses the Rapper Out

On Thursday (Aug. 31), Yung Bleu's wife, Tiemeria, hit up her Instagram story to air out all types of grievances she has with her husband. The Alabama native's significant other went on an epic rant, lashing out at Yung Bleu after she came across a video of another woman exposing the "You're Mines Still" rap-crooner for allegedly flying her out for an undercover rendezvous. In the IG Stories below, Bleu's wife can be heard explaining how she tossed him out of the house as she threatens him with a divorce.

"N***a stay tryna fly b****s out," Yung Bleu's wife writes as she goes off with audio clips detailing what went down. "Don't nobody wanna lick on that short a*s d**k y'all can have his desperate b***h a*s big teeth a*s b***h that h*e not lying on yo dirty a*s b***h."

Tiemeria continues: "Then got the nerve to put somebody on that 1800s a*s plane wings bout to fly off that b***h. I'm embarrassed so now I'm finna embarrass you b***h. I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia."

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Woman Exposes Yung Bleu for Flying Her Out, Calls Him a "C-List Celebrity" and Says He's "Weird as S**T"

The tirade from Yung Bleu's scorned wife is the result of a TikTok video from a woman named Tenom who exposed the "Love Scars" rhymer for flying her out. In the clips below, the woman says that Bleu linked up with her when he saw her showing off her particularly long tongue in a viral video. Tenom calls Yung Bleu a "C-List celebrity" and explains that she dipped out on him once she discovered that he's "weird as s**t."

Yung Bleu's Wife Isn't His Only Beef, Boosie BadAzz Isn't a Fan Either

Yung Bleu's wife and the woman he flew out aren't the only ones who currently have beef with the "Beautiful Lies" artist. Just last week, Boosie BadAzz called Bleu a "clown" for allegedly kicking rapper T-Rell off of his Love Scars Tour that kicked off on Aug. 24. Boosie then said he plans on sending T-shirts implying that Yung Bleu is a snake to fans in every city he is set to perform in. Their issues apparently stem from a business deal with Empire Records that Boosie BadAzz claims he was cut out of.

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Read and listen to Yung Bleu's wife accuse him of cheating and watch the woman explain what happened when he flew her out below.

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