Yung Bleu admitted online this week that he flew out another woman even though he's married and bashed her hygiene.

Yung Bleu Confirms He Flew Out Another Woman and Talks About Her Hygiene

On Friday (Sept. 1), Yung Bleu hopped on Twitter and confessed in a since-deleted tweet that he flew out another woman named Tenom despite the fact he's married. In the tweet below, the Alabama artist confirmed that he did fly the woman out and explained the reason behind his actions. Bleu bashed the woman's hygiene and mentioned that they did not get intimate.

"I let u be a tag along fa the day true," Yung Bleu wrote in the tweet below. "But U went back home in a Uber with hunger pains cuz you was loud and Hygiene wasn’t up to my standards."

Bleu continued: "Had a lil’ smell that engulfed the plane. Nails dirty, shoes two sizes too big with a lil’ dust on em. So yea. U was a link up that turned to a side kick that day cuz I was being respectful and Ain’t wanna send you back and hurt ya feelings. Ain’t get no d*** or no vibes tho. Hope u enjoyed ya stay tho lil’ mama."

In another tweet, which can be seen below, the rap singer defended his statement about the woman's hygiene. According to Bleu, her clothes "had a smell that manifested through the whole plane." He compared the stench to mildew and said she came looking for answers now, even though the situation happened six months ago.

Bleu's tweet comes on the heels of Tenom's TikTok video in which she exposes him for flying her out for a discreet get-together, which can be seen below. The artist slid in Tenom's DMs after seeing a viral video of her tongue.

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Yung Bleu's Wife Kicks Him Out and Threatens Him With a Divorce

After Yung Bleu's wife, Tiemeria, came across Tenom's video, she uploaded a few posts on Instagram Story on Sept. 1 and blasted her husband for his infidelity. Tiemeria also threatened Bleu with a divorce and stated that she kicked him out their home.

"N***a stay tryna fly b****s out," Yung Bleu's wife wrote in her Instagram Story as a voiceover explained what happened in the background. "Don't nobody wanna lick on that short a*s d**k y'all can have his desperate b***h a*s big teeth a*s b***h that h*e not lying on yo dirty a*s b***h."

Tiemeria continued: "Then got the nerve to put somebody on that 1800s a*s plane wings bout to fly off that b***h. I'm embarrassed so now I'm finna embarrass you b***h. I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia."

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The Woman Yung Bleu Flew Out Responds to His Wife and Fires Back at Bleu

Hours later, Tenom, the woman that Bleu flew out, hopped on TikTok and responded to what his wife said about Tenom meeting up with Bleu. Before a TikTok user told Tenom that Bleu's wife was siding with her, Tenom insisted that she didn't want to date Bleu and blasted Tiemeria for reportedly getting smart with her.

"Girl, you can keep your man," Tenom said in the clip. "Trust me, I think he's gay anyway."

Tenom elaborated: "I didn't even see her s**t, but I hope a h** didn't get smart. 'Cause if you getting smart girl, we can do that."

Tenom also exposed Yung Bleu after he wrote the tweets talking negatively about her hygiene.

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Look at Yung Bleu's tweet about the woman he flew out below.

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