YK Osiris is denying a barber's claim that he didn't pay for a $100 haircut.

YK Osiris' Barber Says He Didn't Pay for a $100 Haircut

On Monday (Sept. 4), a barber who goes by @thalegendofficial on Instagram used the popular social media platform to put YK Osiris on blast. The barber says while he paid up the first time and even included a solid tip, the Florida-bred rap-crooner stiffed them when it came time for a fresh edge-up. As a result, the haircare pro is publicly accusing YK of "weirdo activity."

"I hate to have to come to the internet with this but I guess I got to," the barber begins their YK Osiris story in the video below. "Y'all know I cut my first celebrity client, YK Osiris, last week. I charged him $150 for the cut, the cut went up, he paid me $200. He tipped me $50. No complaints but he had hit me up to come line him up last Tuesday."

Thalegendofficial continues: "I charge him $100 for the lineup. This n***a hit me with the, 'Alright, I'ma Cash App you.' Instantly I was like... I'm like 'I don't think he gonna do me like that.' It's just $100 dollars, it's not $100,000. But he did."

From there, the barber shares a screenshot from an alleged text exchange between the two parties. In the text, YK Osiris appears to confirm that he will in fact send the money he owes via Cash App. However, according to the barber, the payment never happened, prompting them to take the matter to social media.

YK Osiris Denies Barber's Claim That He Didn't Pay for the

In an official statement provided to XXL on Tuesday (Sept. 5), YK Osiris is denying the barber's claim. According to the "Money Keep Coming" rapper, not only was the barber paid for the services rendered but YK says that @thalegendofficial is just using his name for attention.

"She got paid," YK Osiris' statement reads. "She just want clout. Give her a lil clout lol."

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YK Osiris Has Made Headlines for Haircuts and Owing People Money Before

This isn't the first time YK Osiris has made headlines for both haircuts and owing people money. Back in January of 2021, the former XXL Freshman showed off a fresh cut via Instagram that he claims to have paid $1,000 for. Later that same year, YK was publicly roasted by Drake and 21 Savage for replicating Drizzy's signature Certified Lover Boy-era heart-shaped edge-up. YK Osiris closed out 2021 by announcing that he would finally be paying up the thousands of dollars he owed to Drake as well as Lil Baby.

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Check out the video below to see YK Osiris being called out by @thalegendofficial for allegedly not paying for his $100 haircut.

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