YG has rekindled his feud with Donald Trump with his newly-launched line of T-shirts featuring the former president's historic mugshot.

YG Sells Donald Trump Mugshot T-Shirts

On Friday (Aug. 25), a day after Donald Trump's historic mugshot was revealed to the world, YG jumped on Instagram to announce that he's selling a new line of T-shirts with Trump's sinister-looking booking photo plastered on front of the shirt. Under the image, the expletive "F**ked" is spelled out in capital letters in a blood red color. The T-shirts come in black and white and retail for $35. The Compton, Calif. rapper tagged the shirts under the "FDT Collection." Check it out below.

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YG and Nipsey Hussle Launched the "FDT" Campaign in 2016

In April of 2016, YG and the late Nipsey Hussle released the protest song and video "FDT (F**k Donald Trump)," which was in response to Donald Trump who was a 2016 presidential candidate running for the White House seat. Although the two West Coast rhymers represent different colors, they came together with the motivation of keeping Trump out of the Oval Office.

The black-and-white video features YG and Nipsey walking through a neighborhood, surrounded by hundreds of people holding "FDT" signs and flipping the bird to the man who would become the 45th President of the United States.

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Check out YG's new T-shirts below.

Check Out YG's New Donald Trump Mugshot T-Shirts

Watch YG and Nipsey Hussle's "FDT" Video Below

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