A woman who believed she was in an online relationship with Kevin Gates recently found out the hard way that the whole thing was a farce.

Woman Appears on Catfished to See If Kevin Gates Relationship Is Real

On Wednesday (Jan. 24), popular online show Catfished debuted its latest episode on YouTube. The episode, which can be seen below, centers around a woman named Jerleesa who insists she's in a relationship with Kevin Gates. The woman says she's been in correspondence with the Baton Rouge, La. rapper for a year, after Kevin reached out to her on social media. She also claims to have sent "Kevin" thousands of dollars, which he claimed he needed to stay out of jail.

"I've probably given him maybe $5,000-$6,000," the woman revealed on the episode.

After investigating the case, Catfished's sleuths discovered Jerleesa was the victim of a celebrity romance scam perpetrated by a person living in Philadelphia.

"It sucks," she reacted to the news. "But, I figured after a while that's what it was."

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Other Rapper-Related Catfishing Incidents

This is not the first time a rapper's name has been tied to a catfishing scandal. In 2024, Kreyshawn recounted a time she was catfished by a person claiming to be producer Diplo. Last July, a child rapper sued Bow Wow after claiming they paid the rapper $3,000 for a feature verse but never received it. Bow responded to the accusations saying the artist had been catfished by a scammer.

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See video of a woman learning she has been catfished into believing she was in a long-distance relationship with Kevin Gates below.

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