Wizz Havinn is one of the names that comes to mind whenever a conversation kicks off about the best up-and-coming rappers in Florida's increasingly buzzing hip-hop scene. The proud Tallahassee native combines a true hustler's ambition with a laidback flow dripping with requisite flexing.

As a kid, Wizz Havinn, 23, was raised by his mother with fond memories of playing basketball. By the time he was a teenager, aspirations of securing the bag by any means necessary led to various stints in juvenile detention facilities and further incarceration as a young adult. When Wizz was released from prison for the last time in 2022, he was determined to let his past be the past and found a new path in the form of telling his stories through music.

In the spring of 2022, Wizz Havinn caught his first glimpse at the limelight when he uploaded the song "EZ E" to SoundCloud, the platform he attributes to much of his early success. As the DDotFreezing-produced track quickly raked in streams by the thousands, Wizz knew he had to keep the momentum rolling and kicked things into high gear. He dropped his debut mixtape, Mr. Too Sticky, in December of that year, which was led by the single "Mode." The breakthrough song has since amassed over 2.2 million streams on Spotify and an additional 2 million views on YouTube.

With universal praise from peers such as Luh Tyler and Real Boston Richey, Wizz dropped his most recent project, Super Wizz, in November of last year. The 18-track tape finds Wizz with a number of songs he considers to be dream collabs with artists who've influenced him including "Eminem" featuring Veeze and "Not Worthy 2" featuring Jeezy.

Fresh off studio sessions that produced a total of over 50 new songs, Wizz Havinn comes through XXL's The Break: Live to chop it up about his burgeoning rap career. He discusses being among a select few rhymers putting Tallahassee music on the map, the importance of earning respect, the impact he's had on his fans and much more.

Watch the full interview below.

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"Eminem" featuring Veeze

"Not Worthy 2" featuring Jeezy

"Young N Turnt"

Super Wizz 

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