A video of Webbie hilariously hyping up his neighbor after she purchased a new Mercedes-Benz SUV is going viral.

Webbie Congratulates Neighbor on New Car Purchase

On Thursday (June 22), Webbie began trending on Twitter after sharing video on Instagram Live of an amusing encounter he recently had with his neighbor. In the video, the "Independent" rapper is checking out his neighbor's newly purchased Mercedes-Benz GLS.

"That's a Mercedes, you don't gotta wash that muthaf**ka. You can drive that b***h dirty. That' new b***h," Webbie says. "Somebody said, 'It's not hers. It's not paid.' People are haters. She said, hard work pays off," Webbie continues, addressing fans commenting on the video.

The neighbor then begins to recite the chorus to Webbie's hit song "Independent."

"You encouraged females to have your own house, your own car," the neighbor tells the Louisiana rapper.

Webbie later jokes that he is going to buy the ride off the woman.

"I probably need to cop that b***h from you now, though. I might need to gon' and drop a bag on that b***h," Webbie says.

Webbie Goes Viral for Photo

Webbie last made headlines in April when fans believed he was wearing a crop top in a photo he shared on Instagram. He later addressed the uproar.

"I just wanna know why y'all don't repost, double post s**t when I tell the kids to stay in school and you can be what you wanna be. The positive things about life...'cause that's what I represent," he said. "Savage Life 'cause I have been through it all, ya heard?"

"Quit playin'. Quit playin' and elevate man, before s**t get crazy, man, for real," he warned about people clowning him about his outfit. Webbie's former partner-in-rhyme Boosie later addressed the viral picture.

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See Video of Webbie Hilariously Hyping Up His Neighbor for Purchasing a New Benz SUV Below

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