Hip-hop sometimes feels like an overcrowded market these days, yet Veeze is an artist that fans stay checking for. The reasoning for that can be pinned to flashing records like “Heart Insurance,” “Law N Order" and most recently, "GOMD.” All are well-streamed favorites within his potted discography. Through Veeze’s reputation on the mic and in the streets, he’s already seen by many as a heavyweight in Detroit’s searing rap scene. But embroidered co-signs from Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty and Lil Baby on wax have recently welcomed Veeze into the mainstream airspace as well. Now with multiple markets on smash and organic support within them, his flame as an artist is truly beginning to really roar.

Veeze has always been a student of rap. Whether it was parents playing artists like Tupac around the crib or being in the studio with his big brother and friends who were making music back in the day, Veeze was raised by the genre. In 2019, Veeze went from being a fly on the wall to a snake on the mic. Coolly, he slithered through a reported verse about touring state to state as a pharmacist for his first song “Itself” alongside comrades WTM Scoob and DT. The track was housed on Veeze’s debut project Navy Wavy, which arrived later that year. Throughout the 11-song effort–where records like “Wilt” have reigned supreme–he punches an early code of whimsical street anecdotes, zany punchlines and a benign flow that cannot be bitten.

When the year changed, so did Veeze's status in the underground. In 2020, he caught fire with the release of “Law N Order,” which samples the theme song of the long lasting crime show. The track went viral on Twitter and Instagram, vacuuming millions of people into his fanbase. Following, he tossed a few features here and there with his biggest looks coming alongside Lil Yachty on Michigan Boy Boat in 2021. Zeroing in on a couple of the several placements, he traded verses with Yachty and his partner Babyface Ray in a clangorous standout called “Fight Night Round 3.” And elsewhere, representing a new era of the Detroit to Atlanta pipeline in rap, Veeze linked with Lil Baby and 42 Dugg for “U-Digg” in 2022. The latter track spent weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, peaking at No. 53. That was the first appearance for Veeze. And it proved that he was surely starting to get the recognition he deserved as a budding artist.

As far as 2023 goes, he popped off months ago in March with a breezy banger tagged “GOMD.” In May, the song was upgraded with a remix from Lil Uzi Vert, who rocked with the vibe so much that he asked Veeze to hop on the track personally. There’s more where that comes from. After much anticipation and song previews on Instagram Live, Veeze confirmed that his sophomore effort Ganger will be out tomorrow (June 27). Sonically, he says that it'll focus on feeling more like an old school mixtape rather than a new school album.

Just weeks ahead of the project, Veeze stopped by The Break: Live to discuss his new album Ganger, his breakthrough records, hopes to create his own cartoon, Detroit’s rap wave going mainstream and much more. Check out the full interview below.

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"GOMD (Remix)" featuring Lil Uzi Vert

"Law N Order"

Lil Baby's "U Digg" featuring 42 Dugg and Veeze

"Heart Insurance"

"Close Friends"

Navy Wavy

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