Trippie Redd insists that he didn't get kicked off an airplane for smoking weed.

Trippie Redd Denies Getting Booted Off a Plane

On Monday (July 3), a fan-filmed video surfaced on hip-hop blogs of Trippie Redd and his crew quietly leaving an airplane. Initial reports stated the 24-year-old rapper was booted off the plane for smoking weed in the bathroom. But Trippie said that wasn't the case.

On Tuesday (July 4), the "Miss the Rage" rhymer jumped on his Instagram Story and posted a video denying reports that he was removed from the airplane for smoking weed. Trippie accused the flight attendant of disrespecting him and his crew so they deboarded.

"I see media outlets keep reaching," he began in his video. "I never got kicked off a plane for trying to smoke weed. I had smoked weed before I got on the flight and my homie, he smelled like weed in the back of the plane and I heard the flight attendant say something."

"So I walked to the back to see what was up lady got yelling at me. I left, I went and got a private jet," he continued. "Honestly, I feel like the flight attendants always got like some type of attitude or some type of animosity like they hate their job or something."

In the end, Trippie booked himself and his crew a private plane so he could get to the bag without the hassle.

"I was pretty fine, I'm fine with flying first class but you know when I feel like I'm disrespected or I'm not welcome, I will go fly private because I feel like you know, I gotta get to my bag if I'm going to pick up [$350,000], [$20,000]," he explained. Ain't s**t. Put some respect on it."

XXL has reached out to American Airlines for comment.

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Trippie Redd Believes He's on Another Level Sonically Than His Peers

Last month, Trippie Redd hopped on his Twitter page to boast about his versatility as a rapper and claimed he's more sonically diverse than his peers. "I'm versatile. I blew up off of that alone judge me for how I look talk smoke breath, but ur fav artist probably ain't on my level sonically," he tweeted. "I took a break from real music to make rage music. It was fun, but now it's time."

Trippie is now working on his new project, A Love Letter to You 5, which doesn't have a release date yet. Earlier this year, the Canton, Ohio rhymer released Mansion Musik, an album boasting guest features from Chief Keef, Lil Baby, Future and the late rapper Juice Wrld.

Next up for Trippie is his upcoming Take Me Away Tour, which kicks off July 22 in Miami. Peep his itinerary below.

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Take a look below to see Trippie exiting the plane.

Watch the Viral Video of Trippie Redd and Crew Leaving an Airplane Below

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