Trippie Redd hopped on his Twitter page this week to explain why other artists aren't on his level sonically.

On Wednesday (June 14), the "Miss the Rage" rapper explained on Twitter why his approach to music is more diverse than others, which you can see in the tweet below. Trippie Redd's bold declaration came after posted a tweet to promote his new song, "Took My Breath Away" featuring his girlfriend, Skye Morales.

Trippie Redd Thinks He's More Sonically Diverse Than His Peers

"I'm versatile. I blew up off of that alone judge me for how I look talk smoke breath, but ur fav artist probably ain't on my level sonically," Trippie Redd wrote on Twitter. "I took a break from real music to make rage music. It was fun, but now it's time." 

Trippie Redd is in the process of adding the finishing touches to his new project, A Love Letter To You 5. There is no release date so far. Earlier this year, Trippie dropped Mansion Musik, an album featuring Future, Lil Baby, Chief Keef and the late Juice Wrld, among others. The project debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

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Trippie Redd to Drop Video for "Took My Breath Away" featuring Skye Morales Tomorrow

On June 16, the "Sixteen" melodic rapper will drop a visual for the sentimental lo-fi offering, "Took My Breath Away" featuring Skye Morales. 

"Took my breath away video ft @LUVLILSKYE. Dropping Friday, June 16th," Trippie Redd wrote in a Tweet on June 14.

He followed with a burning question for his fans. "Are you ready for timeless music?"

All About Trippie Redd's A Love Letter To You 5

Trippie has been hinting at A Love Letter To You 5 since last August. During his interview with Montreality, the "KNIGHT CRAWLER" artist admitted that this project will be top-shelf. 

A Love Letter to You 5 is gonna be, if not the best body of music I've ever did, one of them. For sure," Trippie Redd said.

Further in the interview, Trippie elaborated on the album's artistic direction.

"Nothing is experimental. I'm not trying to be experimental with this project. I'm really just tryin' to, you know, drop straight Trippie Redd hits," the rapper stated. "That being said, every song on here gotta go crazy ’cause if it don't, then f**k me."

A Love Letter To You 5 will close out Trippie's A Love Letter To You collection, which begin in 2017.

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