Trippie Redd posted a video of himself doing the revolting McDonald's Grimace Shake Challenge on social media this week.

Trippie Redd Does Grimace Shake Challenge

On Monday (July 3), Trippie put on Instagram a slideshow of himself partaking in the viral TikTok McDonald's Grimace Shake Challenge, which can be seen below. In the first slide, the "Miss the Rage" rapper records himself giving two thumbs up before guzzling down the berry-flavored milkshake and seemingly approving its taste.

The 24-year-old rapper then acts as if he's been transformed into a zombie and supposedly throws up the purply treat. The following slide illustrates the aftermath of Trippie doing the McDonald's Grimace Shake Challenge.

"Happy birthday, grimace @mcdonalds," Trippie Redd wrote in the caption of the post. "Tried ur drink before my jet ride. It was awful."

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What Is McDonald's Grimace Shake Challenge?

The Grimace Shake Challenge involves TikTok creators trying the berry-flavored milkshake, acting like zombies and vomiting it back up. People wish the purple McDonald's character, Grimace, a happy birthday before trying the ice cream-like beverage. Shortly after, the video transitions to a clip of the creator playing dead or injured with the purple milkshake streaming out of their mouth, nose or head.

McDonald's introduced the shake on June 12 to celebrate the birthday of its purple monster character, Grimace. By June 28, McDonald's went on Twitter and responded to the bizarre trend. In the tweet below, the fast-food restaurant posted a picture of Grimace with a McDonald's hat and acted as if they were unaware of the supposed challenge.

"meee pretending i don't see the grimace shake trendd," McDonald's wrote on their Twitter.

The Grimace Shake Challenge was created by TikTok user Austin Frazier.

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Watch Trippie Redd do the revolting Grimace Shake Challenge below.


Watch Trippie Redd Do the Revolting Grimace Shake Challenge Below

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