Like Wu-Tang ClanSexyy Red is apparently for the children, too. At least her song "SkeeYee" is. An elementary school teacher is using lyrics from the song to help quiet down her students in class, but she's receiving mixed reactions to the action.

Teacher Uses Sexyy Red's "SkeeYee" to Quiet Down Elementary School Students

A teacher named Memori Peoples is a hot topic of conversation on TikTok and Instagram this week after sharing a video of herself using lyrics from Sexyy Red's hit song "SkeeYee" to grab the attention of her fifth-grade elementary school students. On Aug. 29, Peoples posted the video on both social media platforms. In the clip, the words "How I get my students' attention" are written on screen as Peoples is seen sitting in a desk with the camera pointed toward her. Children's voices are heard talking in the background.

The next clips shows Peoples reciting Sexyy Red's lyrics "If you see me and you tryna see wassup." Then the children yell back the popular St. Louis lingo "SkeeYee" and settle down as Peoples begins speaking to them about going to class.

Memori Peoples captioned the clip: "Day 2 of the school year! Each year I have different call and response because each class is different! And well……this class has spoken! Students: “This one hits!” Me: Chhhiillee ‍♀️ #teacher #teacherlife #elementaryschool."

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Reactions to Teacher Using Sexyy Red's "SkeeYee" Lyrics in Front of Children

Due to the explicit content and sexual nature of Sexyy Redd's lyrics, there are mixed reactions to Memori Peoples using the rapper's words in front of children. Take a look below at what some of the commenters had to say.

@thearmybarbie: "The fact that they know that song is disgusting."

@kyaranajai: "Don’t have my kids saying this dumb s**t."

@jessi_betsey: "Now if my daughter come home singing sexxy red I’ll be up there in the morning."

@yokaurys: "I love this call and response! What grade do you teach?"

@mooremonique31: "Meet them where they are… I’m here for it!!!"

@jasminane_: "Black Teachers Matter."

There are plenty more comments on both sides, which you can see below.


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See the teacher's video and mixed reactions to using Sexyy Red's "SkeeYee" with her students below.

See the Mixed Reactions a Teacher Is Receiving for Using Sexyy Red's "SkeeYee" to Quiet Down Her Elementary School Students

Watch Teacher Use Sexyy Red's "SkeeYee" to Quiet Down Elementary School Students

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