Sukihana has responded to criticism for twerking on all fours during her appearance on the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet.

Sukihana Responds to Backlash for Twerking on MTV VMA Red Carpet

On Wednesday (Sept. 13), Sukihana began to face critics when video of her twerking on all fours on the MTV VMA red carpet last night (Sept. 12) went viral. One Instagram user called her out in the comment section of Instagram blog The Neighborhood Talk.

"I just had a daughter, I’m sorry I look at things much differently now and I would hate to see her acting like this," the person wrote. "As grown man with values, businesses & a strong knowledge of what’s important, this type of behavior or woman doesn’t even attract me. Bring back class, respect & dignity. Now I’m about to get back to selling these vending machines while listening to A Long Walk by Jill Scott."

Sukihana had time. In response to the post, she simply replied: "Shut the hell up."

Former reality show participant Deelishis also had something to say. She also commented her opinion under an Instagram blog.

"Too many outdoor shoes been on that carpet buttercup," she wrote along with surprised and mask face emojis.

Suki was quick with her response to the Flavor of Love season two winner.

"Girl you was sleeping with Flavor [Flav] you ain't scared of nothing," Sukihana replied.

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Deelishis Responds to Suki Diss

Deelishis has since taken the high road in a response to Suki's joke.

"First off let me start off by saying to Sukihana I apologize if my comment upset or offended you," Deelishis wrote on Instagram. "I should have said 'you too fine for that flo' which is a much more precise way of describing what I thought when I saw the post or even better not comment at all."

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See Sukihana reacting to backlash for her MTV Video Music Awards red carpet twerk session below.

Look at Sukihana's Reaction to Being Called Out for Twerking on MTV VMA Red Carpet

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