Soulja Boy and Blueface's truce is over. Now Soulja is going in on Blue again, and sending stray shots at Chrisean Rock in the process.

Soulja Boy Goes Off on Blufeace

After extending the olive brach to Blueface last week, and then rescinding it the same day, Soulja Boy is again kicking Blueface while he's down. On Monday (Jan. 29), Soulja hopped on Instagram Live and went off on a vitriolic rant against the Los Angeles rapper and his latest child's mother.

"They say Blueface dropping the soap on purpose," Soulja Boy said in the video, which can be seen below. "They say he been getting f**ked in the a*s, man. That’s what they said. They said he had to go [protective custody], man. P*ssy-a*s n***a, man. They say every n***a that beef with Draco, man, go out sad. They say n****as die or they just go out sad, and when he get out of jail imma beat the f**k out of that n***a gang s**t."

He continued: "Chrisean, Imma nut on your face b***h. Snaggle-tooth h*e. Look like your p***y stank, h*e. Little ugly b***h. You little ugly snaggle tooth autistic b***h. You little remidial h*e. Somebody tag Chrisean tell her let me nut on that tattoo of her ugly n***a. Little stinky booty b***h. Your son look retarded. I ain’t gonna lie, that n***a look like he got Down syndrome. B***h n***a Blueface….you look like you smell like boo boo, b***h. You look like you s**t on yourself in the third grade."

"Ain’t no leaving no kids outta s**t, f**k that little ugly a*s baby," he added. "Blueface wanna be talking about my son n***a got me f**ked up. F**k that little retarded-a*s baby."

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Soulja Boy and Blueface's Beef Continues

The tension between Blueface and Soulja Boy began last December, when Blueface claimed he could beat Soulja Boy in a Verzuz, and has escalated to death threats, a lawsuit and a potential squabble. Even Blueface going to jail hasn't stopped the two rappers from dissing each other.

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See video of Soulja Boy dissing Blueface and Chrisean Rock below.

Watch Soulja Boy Going Off on Blueface

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