Fashion has always had a pivotal role in the hip-hop industry since rappers rocked unique streetwear in the 1970s. Whether it's illustrated through their lyrics or public appearances, rhymers go out of their way to wear clothes that draw attention. But sometimes, the unique parts of an artist's outfit can go unnoticed after they have a wardrobe malfunction.

Once the abrupt moment arises, hip-hop figures must decide how to quickly assess the situation before they're fully exposed in public. Rappers can either fully embrace the clothing mishap or brush it off with style.

Nicki Minaj didn't let faulty attire get the best of her on three separate occasions. Although one of her body parts got uncovered on stage, the rapper didn't miss a beat and kept on performing. Then there's Lil Nas X who was able to poke fun at his pants ripping during an appearance on Saturday Night Live. The most recent apparel failure comes from Iggy Azalea, who was forced to stop her show in Saudia Arabia after ripping one of her pant legs. The rapper also ripped her pants in 2014, while performing at a bar mitzvah.

There's no telling what exactly causes a wardrobe malfunction. The clothes can either be too loose, tight or even be made out of bad fabric. Either way, these embarrassing moments are nearly impossible to prevent at times.

Today, XXL takes a look at 12 rappers who have had wardrobe malfunctions at one point in their careers. Check out the fashion fiascos below.

  • Nicki Minaj Has Three Wardrobe Malfunctions

    In 2011, Nicki Minaj gracefully played off a wardrobe malfunction while performing her verse on David Guetta's "Where Them Girls At." While rocking the stage at Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series in New York, the rapper's chest was nearly revealed.

    Nicki Minaj also faced an issue with her attire at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Show. While performing her verse on Jessie J's song "Bang Bang," the Trinidadian-born artist had to hold her black dress together so her body wouldn't get exposed.

    In 2018, Nicki Minaj's chest was exposed during her performance at the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. As the rapper was delivering her verse off "Majesty" featuring Eminem, the top of her dress briefly slid to the side and revealed most of her bosom. However, the 40-year-old rhymer was able to stay covered because she was wearing pasties. After noticing the mishap with her top, she quickly readjusted herself and continued with her performance.

  • Saweetie's Black Dress Doesn't Cover All

    In 2022, Saweetie stepped out in a black dress and accidentally revealed some of her naughty bits while walking on the red carpet at Vanity Fair's Oscar Party at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, Calif. In the clip below, Saweetie can be seen throwing the bottom of her dress over her leg after noticing the body part that was uncovered.

  • Lil Nas X's Pants Rip on SNL

    In 2021, Lil Nas X mistakenly ripped his pants while performing "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" during the season 46 finale of Saturday Night Live. The clothes malfunction occurred while the 24-year-old artist was dancing on a stripper pole. After his pants ripped, Lil Nas X covered the torn area with his hand and continued his performance.

  • Trina Has a Nip Slip at Essence Festival

    In 2023, Trina's nip slip was almost on full display at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. While performing her 2000 single, "Pull Over," her areola poked out of the top of her gold dress. Luckily, the rapper noticed, quickly pulled it up and finished her performance.

  • Lil' Kim's Top Exposes More Than Expected at Hip-Hop 50 Concert

    In 2023, Lil' Kim's areola slipped out of the side of her sparkle crop top during her set at the Hip Hop 50 Live concert at the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Despite the exposure, Lil' Kim kept on performing some of her hit singles.

  • JT's Dress Reveals Too Much at Billboard Music Awards

    In 2022, City Girls member JT dealt with a wardrobe malfunction while being a presenter at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena. During her time on stage with Yung Miami, people noticed that JT's unique gray dress revealed her private parts.

  • Cardi B Has Wardrobe Malfunction During Two Separate Performances

    Cardi B put on a bathrobe after the striped jumpsuit she was wearing ripped at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn. in 2019.

    In 2023, Cardi B's tampon string was exposed while she was wearing a gold dress on stage at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas. While Bardi was gyrating in front of the crowd, people noticed that the rapper wasn't wearing any underwear. They also witnessed Cardi B's tampon string hanging out.

  • Latto's Shoes Don't Make the Cut at the BET Awards

    Latto rushed to the stage while wearing one heel after winning the award for Best Female Artist at the 2023 BET Awards at Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater. Once she was announced as the winner, Latto attempted to put on both of her shoes but decided to just accept the award wearing one of them.

  • Doja Cat's Breast Makes Appearance at Her Birthday Party

    In 2022, Doja Cat accidentally exposed her breast while leaving her 27th birthday party. When the rapper hopped into the backseat of her black SUV, she exposed her right breast while adjusting her black cape. That night, she paired the cape with a masked headdress full of white, brown and black feathers.

  • Iggy Azalea's Pants Split in Saudi Arabia

  • Kanye West Pants Fall Down During Date With Kim Kardashian

    In 2012, Kanye West had trouble keeping his leather pants up after stepping out of a car to have dinner with his former wife, Kim Kardashian. Although the rapper tried to pull his pants up, the paparazzi got a picture of the unfortunate event. Later on, Kim explained to E! Online what caused Ye's wardrobe malfunction.

    "He was getting out of the car, and his belt got pulled by this hook on the car door," she explained. "He was trying to pull it up quickly and his belt was really heavy."

  • Foxy Brown Faces Wardrobe Malfunction During Performance

    In 2009, Foxy Brown faced a wardrobe malfunction at a nightclub in Sacramento, Calif. While performing her song, "Ain't No N***a," the rapper adjusted the corset she was wearing after her chest was almost exposed at the 2:40-mark of the video below.