Two truths and a lie might be a game, but it apparently applies to rap lyrics as well. A number of rappers, far and wide, have dropped lines on their songs that toted the embellishment line while others were blatant mistruths. Fans may have caught these fibs and offered a mere chuckle to, while others could've possibly gone under the radar. Either way, whether the bars strengthened the record, added some sort of comedic element or became a topic of conversation among fans, the fact remains that not all tracks are 100 percent factual.

Back in 2007, Jay-Z dropped "Hello Brooklyn 2.0" featuring Lil Wayne. On the first verse of the track, Jigga rhymes, "Hello Brooklyn, if we had a daughter/Guess what I'ma call her, Brooklyn Carter." Five years later, Jay and Beyoncé welcomed their first daughter, whom they named Blue Ivy. In 2017, Hov and Bey then welcomed twins, a girl and a boy, named Rumi and Sir. Neither of the power couple's daughters were named after Jay-Z's hometown.

On Rick Ross' 2015 song "Sorry" featuring Chris Brown, Rozay has a line, in which he says, "We at the crib, she got her legs wrapped around my waist." For obvious reasons, the line isn't true, and in fact, was highlighted on X, formerly known as Twitter, back in 2019.

Then there's numerous Drake lyrics where he's pointing out his father's absence in his life. On "0 to 100," the 6 God says, "I was ready… f**k that, I’ve been ready/Since my dad used to tell me/He was comin' to the house to get me/He ain’t show up/Valuable lesson, man, I had to grow up/That’s why I never ask for help."

However, despite this being Drake's account of his childhood, his father, Dennis Graham, did an interview on Nick Cannon's Close Conversations show on Power 106 in 2019, and explained that he was a present father. He added that his rapper son rhymes about that particular topic because "it sells records."

These are just a few examples of rappers' lyrics that contain falsehoods, but there's plenty of others. Take a look at the biggest lies in rappers' lyrics below.

See the Biggest Lies Caught in Rappers' Lyrics