A rapper claims to have created a viral diss track aimed at Drake and J. Cole using an A.I. version of Kendrick Lamar's voice. However, not everyone believes him.

Sy The Rapper Allegedly Created a Kendrick Lamar Diss Track Using A.I.

On Tuesday (April 17), an artist named Sy The Rapper hit up Instagram to take responsibility for creating a Kendrick Lamar diss track that was already suspected of being created by artificial intelligence since the track leaked on Monday (April 16). Sy also offered a demonstration of how he allegedly used the technology to send direct shots at Drake using Kendrick Lamar's likeness.

Even though he doesn't mention any specific A.I. software, Sy The Rapper delivers a step-by-step breakdown of how he purportedly mimicked K-Dot's flow and inflections and explains why he is now making his claim public.

"This song is going viral on YouTube," Sy The Rapper explains after he plays back a snippet of the Kendrick Lamar track. "It's called 'One Shot.' I ain't gon' lie, I shocked myself. I thought it was gon' sound fake, I thought people was gonna be able to tell it was fake. People think it's actually real."

He continues: "I just want to come out for the record and say that it's A.I. That’s not Kendrick’s response. I know Kendrick’s is going to come harder than that. I just couldn’t get too disrespectful ’cause I ain't in that beef."

Sy finishes by making note of the fact that Drake heard the seemingly fake song when it surfaced on Monday and laughed it off accordingly.

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People Don't Believe Kendrick Lamar's Diss Track Was Made With A.I.

Despite Sy The Rapper's claim that he created the song by doctoring Kendrick's voice, many people across social media have doubts. While plenty of rap fans appear to be buying into what Sy has to say, a seemingly equal amount of commenters are disputing his intentions for sharing the brief tutorial video.

"The leak came from a trusted source who has gotten their hands on dem tracks and alt versions of Kendrick tracks," One IG user opined. "So now make a video on how you leaked this track, cause I would love to know how it fooled the source."

Another chimed in: "So where was the part where he showed us the A.I. bit?"

Others hit the video's comments section with conspiracy theories that Sy The Rapper is claiming to have created the song in order to divert attention away from Kendrick Lamar.

"That s**t was trash so they found this goofie to the hit," one comment reads.

A user also adds: "That's Kendrick idgaf they're trying to back out of that wack s**t."

What Did the Alleged A.I. Version of Kendrick Lamar Say About Drake and J. Cole?

While whether or not the song that leaked on Monday was computer-generated has yet to be confirmed, it's clear the alleged A.I. version of Kendrick Lamar is in response to the ongoing lyrical spat between Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole.

"Stop wasting time let's get the show on the road," Kendrick's likeness raps. "N***as was ignoring and keep disses and when they get that's why they entertained it as sneak disses/And now that it's direct it's leaked disses from burner pages and all/Insecure behavior from n***as y'all call gods/I know that you were sensitive an emphasis on lame/Seeking validation from rap critics slandering names/Legacy forever cemented I will reign/The next move make your best move its detrimental/Y'all get Glocks when you see K-Dot/Cargo sweaters just to see K-Dot/I came with a full clique but only need one shot/No big 3 this dynamic is uno K-Dot."

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Check out Sy The Rapper allegedly using A.I. to create the Kendrick Lamar diss track, listen to the song in full and see more comments from social media users below.

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