New details have emerged about PnB Rock's murder, with the tragic timeline of events being illuminated in new legal documents.

Details in PnB Rock Murder Emerge Including Timeline of Events

In a new 123-page transcript obtained by Rolling Stone on Monday (Oct. 30), Los Angeles police were able to arrest the 17-year-old alleged murderer, his father and stepmother soon after Rock was gunned down at Roscoe's Chicken 'N Waffles on Sept. 12, 2022. The lengthy transcript—which was recorded during a probable cause hearing held in a Compton courthouse last April—was taken for suspects Freddie Lee Trone and his wife Shauntel Trone, who have both pleaded not guilty.

The transcript reportedly detailed a harrowing timeline of events that led to their arrests, including a bungled cover-up. Police claimed that the suspect's father, Freddie Lee Trone, tried to torch the getaway car, a Buick Enclave, hours after the shooting, and did so a mere two blocks from his residence. Additionally, the torching of the Buick Enclave didn't go so well, as police reported Lee Trone had burns all along his arms before his arrest. He was sent to the hospital for medical evaluation.

The alleged killer's stepmother also apparently saw him in the kitchen of her residence cleaning the chain he had stolen from PnB Rock with a toothbrush. This was on the same day the murder occurred.

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Other Details Show Freddie Lee Trone Allegedly Scouted Out Roscoe's Before Murder

Other unsettling details included that Freddie Lee Trone allegedly scouted out the Roscoe's restaurant while PnB Rock was inside. He was reportedly seen speaking to people outside the location before leaving and returning with his son. His son had also been released from a juvenile detention center a mere four days before the murder.

By far the most devastating part of the transcript was that as PnB Rock was dying in his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang's arms, the gunman pointed a gun at her head and threatened to shoot her, too, if she didn't give up any jewelry. "Give me that s**t now or I’ll shoot you in the head," the gunman reportedly said. A terrified Sibounheuang then handed over her watch, while the gunman reportedly took jewelry and other valuables off PnB Rock.

Not once during the preliminary hearing did the prosecutor or witnesses mention Sibounheuang's Instagram post from that day, which had revealed the couple’s location. Fans had previously speculated the post was what alerted the gunman to Roscoe's, where PnB was eating.

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