NLE Choppa has challenged Blueface to a boxing match in the wake of Blue dissing him on Jaidyn Alexis' "Barbie (Remix)."

NLE Responds to Blueface Diss

On Wednesday night (Jan. 3), NLE Choppa responded to being name-dropped by Blueface on the new remix, which was released on Tuesday (Jan. 2).

"I hit you personally to stop speaking on me I thought s**t was understood. Bet that," NLE Choppa posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, in response to his name being mentioned in the "Barbie (Remix)."

After catching wind of the post, Blueface responded to NLE post.

"N***as rap about my wesydes all year long and mad when I rap about his…she decided to indulge in the circus on her own free recognizance she entered the chat nobody safe," Blueface tweeted. "I’m not worried about a Muslim vegan cryp on sY bet that small fry squabble up or shut up."

He added in followup tweets, "I KNO NLE baby momma wanna hit...I put lil bro on anyway...Why everybody get quiet when s**t get fun."

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NLE Choppa Challenges Blueface to Fight

Early Thursday morning (Jan. 4), NLE Choppa responded to Blueface's posts by challenging him to step into the ring.

"Let’s box @bluefacebleedem," NLE tweeted. "Who can set up celebrity boxing match in Vegas me and him hit me ASAP. He undefeated vs women ion respect a n***a that put his hands on em anyway!"

Beef between Blueface and NLE Choppa popped off almost a month ago, when NLE Choppa's child's mother claimed Blueface tried to holla at her at but she turned down his advances. Blue claimed otherwise in the "Barbie (Remix)" rapping, "NLE baby mama wanna hit/Why you lying ’bout the number, b***h, you know I got the digits."

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Peep NLE Choppa and Blueface's tweets below.

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