YoungBoy Never Broke Again has called an interviewer "unprofessional" and a clout chaser for asking him if he would collaborate with J. Cole during an interview.

NBA YoungBoy Says He Would Collaborate With J. Cole During Interview

Last week (Dec. 15), a video surfaced on YouTube featuring fashion influencer Liz “Lizzie Pure” Korn talking with NBA YoungBoy at his home in Grave Digger Mountain. In the clip, which can be viewed below, Lizzie asked YB if he would ever collaborate on a song with J. Cole, whom he had a falling out with.

"Come on Gravedigger Mountain and we'll see," NBA YoungBoy said, referring to his home in Utah where he's currently on house arrest.

Lizzie then added that a clothing partnership between the two rhymers would also be "fire." Apparently, Lizzie is a rep for Atlanta's clothing store Pure Atlanta.

YB liked the idea and told Lizzie to set it up and she agreed. "I'm going to do it," she said.

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NBA YoungBoy Slams Fashion Influencer For "Clout Chasing" After Interview

On Sunday (Dec. 17), NBA YoungBoy responded to the Pure Atlanta post about the interview on Instagram in the comment section, writing, "Go report this h*e page this b***h unprofessional and clout chasing."

YB then added: "You a dog-a** b***h ain't nobody approved none of this you doing," he wrote. "You tried with that bulls**t a** clip with [J. Cole] saying he'll be able to remove anything if he wanted it out then released it."

YB ended his comment with: "Dead b***h walking."

Given that NBA YoungBoy appeared to happily discuss the topic in the clip, it is unclear why he took issue with the J. Cole question afterward. Nevertheless, YB was upset about something related to the video.

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Check out the NBA YoungBoy clip and his angry response to the interview below.

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