In a viral video, a mother is upset after her 10-year-old son does a Black History Month project on Nardo Wick.

Mother Upset Over Son's Black History Month Project on Nardo Wick

On Saturday (March 2), a video surfaced on social media of a mother who is upset that her 10-year-old son created a Black History Month (BHM) presentation on Nardo Wick. In the clip, which can be viewed below, the mom, who is an educator herself, shares how she discovered her son's BHM project centered around the "Who Want Smoke?" rapper.

In her disbelief, she explains that her son detailed the biography of Nardo and what he did for a living, adding that the rhymer made $2 million. But what shocked the mother was the inspirational quote her son provided from Nardo's song "Fan H**s": "I'm the stepper that's gonna stomp when it comes time to be a stomper."

Without hesitation, the mother called his son's teacher and requested an extension on his Black History Month project. The son's teacher informed her that the assignment was not due for another week, much to the mother's relief.

Initially, the mother's son had chosen Martin Luther King, Jr. for his Black History Month presentation. However, he subsequently changed his mind and opted to focus on Nardo Wick instead. The mother suspects that her son's believes that being a successful rapper qualifies someone as a hero.

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Nardo Wick's Song Gets Several Students and Educators in Big Trouble

This isn't the first time Nardo Wick has disrupted educational institutions.

Back in November of 2021, a viral TikTok video featuring students and adult educators at Chicago's Tinley Park High School pointing their smartphones to the camera like a gun sparked outraged and launched an investigation by the school district.

Apparently, students were able to trick teachers and even the school principal into doing Nardo Wick’s "Who Want Smoke?" challenge. A Tinley student shared the video on TikTok and also posted it on Facebook. While some people thought it was funny, administrators didn't think it was a laughing matter.

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Check out a mother's shocking story about her son doing a Black History Month project on Nardo Wick below.

Watch a Mother Tell Her Story of Her Son's Black History Month Project on Nardo Wick

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