Kevin Gates is still holding in his orgasms. The Louisiana rhymer recently revealed that he's on a five-year semen retention journey.

Kevin Gates Is Embarking on His Five-Year Semen Retention Journey

On the next episode of the popular podcast Million Dollaz of Worth of Game starring Wallo and Gillie Da Kid, Kevin Gates revealed that he's on a five-year semen-retention journey. In a preview clip that Gillie posted on his Instagram page on Saturday (Jan. 27), Kevin acknowledged that he still continues to engage in semen retention for health reasons.

"I've been on a five-year semen-retention journey," Kevin said in the video below, adding that he occasionally has orgasms, but he doesn't have them regularly.

"You gon' release every now and then," he explained. You gon' have a wet dream here and there, you gon' release."

"But you don't beat yourself up about it because anything that's in your body that need to come out gon' naturally come out," he continued. "But I don't watch porn or masturbate."

Gates added that when he's having sex with a woman he doesn't ejaculate because his main objective is to please his partner and that's it. The "I Don't Get Tired" rapper stressed that it's important for men to limit their orgasms.

"It makes a man more cognitive in his life," Kevin stated. "Your life force is sacred."

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Is Semen Retention a Real Thing?

Although it may sound incredulous, semen retention is acutally a real thing that some men practice for health and spiritual reasons. Kevin first revealed his semen retention practice on Million Dollaz Worth of Game back in October of 2021.

"Another thing I was telling you that's really healing to your body and it’s going to sound crazy but it's semen retention, not releasing no semen," he told Gillie and Wallo on their podcast.

Kevin clarified that men should still have sex, but they shouldn't ejaculate. "Your intention should be to please your partner," he explained. "And don’t release no semen."

According to Healthline, there are some benefits to semen retention. For some individuals, the age-old practice is considered beneficial for enhancing fertility, promoting mental and physical well-being and spiritual development. On the other hand, others view it as the ultimate journey to achieve self-control and inner discipline.

Overall, Kevin believes semen retention is a good way for men to maintain a healthy mind and body.

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See Kevin Gates explain why he's on a five-year semen retention journey below.

Watch Kevin Gates Reveal He's on a Five-Year Semen Retention Journey

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