The verdict had been out on the status of GloRilla and JT’s relationship as friends. More importantly, the question had yet to be answered regarding whether or not the two have beef, and fans have apparently received their answer.

JT and GloRilla Fire Insults at Each Other on Social Media

On Friday (April 5), JT hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to seemingly clear the air following rumors that the two artists had gotten into a fight last year. The talk was that Glo allegedly slapped JT at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

"I been said she didn’t! She the one went radio silent! Played into, released a song about slapping rap b***hes now it’s female unity?? CORNY!!!!!" the City Girl rapper typed, referring to a tweet that referenced the rumored fight between her and GloRilla.

The song JT is referring to is "Aite" featuring Kevo Muney, which appears on GloRilla's new mixtape, Ehhthang Ehhthang. "

JT went on to respond to a fan, who claimed she was subbing Glo, writing, "NO TF I WASNT! I don’t know these girls like that to have problems with them & I always wish them the best FIRST!"

And in response to a fan inquiring who started the rumor to begin with and why GloRilla didn’t put the false claims to bed, JT replied: "I guess she was waiting on her tape to address & who gone clear up going viral for slapping someone when the whole hood believed it! It was on brand!"

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GloRilla Responds to JT

Glo entered the chat and tweeted: "H* shut yo dumb a*s up & fix dem ugla*s wigs I said it ain’t no beef ho you da one with da secret animosity."

JT fired back, "Ugly shouldn’t leave your mouth ever Joe you look like you was born feet first P***Y a*s h*e DONT mention me! Secret animosity? WHY?"

GloRilla shot back at JT, "Nvm no free promo."

The explicit exchange didn't end there. In fact, it had just begun. JT went on to write Glo, saying, "B***h you said MY name! Air mattress brain!!!!!!"

Glo later tweeted: "I mentioned yo name to clear the air! What you wanted me to say I didn’t slap you but I hit you with a purse instead??? Scary a*s h*." However, JT begs to differ, saying, "OMG you are a liarrrr! B***h you didn’t hit me with s**t FANNED out a*s b***h you approach me sounding like an old beat up box Chevy 'WHAT UP GANG'."

GloRilla continued, "Inmate 0983 was taking off her shoes like she was gone get to me. Didn’t know if her a*s was trying to get active or get sturdy. Lying about getting touched is crazyyyyyyyy….."

JT then shared her disappointment in GloRilla, writing, "I honestly thought glo was a real b***h man but she not she caused all that s**t with FNF remix too! Came in the game messy & phony ready to switch on your homies too had to jump back on the roof!"

For context, JT appears on the remix to GloRilla's "F.N.F. (Let's Go)" along with Latto, but the issues behind this record are unclear.

Glo replied, "Yeah you slower den me I’m done arguing get up with me in real life ion do da internet you gone win every time I already heard you going broke anyway."

JT later shared an image of all of her prior mugshots, including an empty box for a presumed new mugshot. She's suggesting this interaction could potentially lead to a new mugshot. Glo responded to JT and said, "Girl dem mugshots is from you stealing not fighting b***h STFU."

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How Did the Beef Between JT and GloRilla Start?

While this battle of the insults may confuse some, it all apparently started last October at the MTV VMAs when the rumors emerged about a fight between JT and GloRilla over claims that JT brushed Glo off at the awards show. The incident was never confirmed. Shortly after, JT responded to the claims, denouncing any truth to the rumors.

Glo, on the other hand, didn't address the situation. Not until she released her latest project, Ehhthang Ehhthang. On Glo's newly released song, "Aite" featuring Kenny Muney, she broke her silence on where her and JT stand.

"I just pray one day the bad bitches'll come together/’Cause Cardi and Nicki on a track would break some f**kin' records/Me and JT ain't the best of friends, but we ain't beefin'/Know b**hes always havin' ani' if they keep a secret/Forever clappin' for the next bitch, I ain't competin'," GloRilla raps.

Oh, how things can change in the blink of an eye.

See GloRilla and JT's social media dispute below.

See JT and GloRilla Sling Insults at Each Other Following Rumored Beef