Jay-Z criticizes the Grammys for his wife Beyoncé's Album of the Year snubs during his speech while receiving the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award.

Jay-Z Presented With Dr. Dre Global Impact Award at 2024 Grammy Awards

On Sunday (Feb. 4), a fashionably late Jay-Z became the latest recipient of the Global Impact Award at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Despite his notably rocky history with the Recording Academy, the Brooklyn rap icon was presented with the high honor by Trevor Noah, the evening's host. Accompanied to the stage by his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z thanked both Dr. Dre and the Recording Academy's Black Music Collective before delivering an acceptance speech just as impactful as the award itself.

"Honored to accept it," Jay-Z said to his industry peers at the Crypto.com Arena. "Hopefully, I'm adding to what you guys are doing out here. Obviously, it's great to have an award from such an icon. How far we've come [since] Will Smith and them, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, winning they first Grammy in ’89, and boycotting because it wasn't televised."

After cracking a joke about Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith still watching the ceremony on TV despite the boycott, Hov continued: "Then, in ’98, I took a page out of they book. I was nominated for Best Rap Album. DMX had dropped two albums that year, they both were number one. Shout-out to DMX. He wasn't nominated at all so I boycotted and I watched the Grammys. I'm just saying, we want y'all to get it right. We love y'all. We want y'all to get it right. At least get it close to right."

He then adds: "And obviously, it's subjective because it's music. It's opinion-based. I don’t want to embarrass this young lady, but she has the most Grammys than everyone and never won album of the year. So, even by your own metrics, that doesn’t work. Think about that: The most Grammys. Never won album of the year. That doesn’t work. Some of you gonna go home and feel like you’ve been robbed. Some of you may get robbed. Some of you don’t belong in the category."

The audience gave a reaction in the form of cheers and yells once he said that. "Nah, when I get nervous, I tell the truth. But outside of that, we gotta keep showing up. Forget the Grammys for a second, just in life. Just in life, you gotta keep showing up. You gotta just keep showing up until they give you those accolades you feel you deserve until they call you chairman, until they call you a genius, until they call you the greatest of all time, you feel me? Thank you."

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What Is the Recording Academy's Dr. Dre Global Impact Award?

Jay-Z is the second recipient of the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award following only the Los Angeles rapper-producer himself. Dre received the inaugural honor at last year's Grammy Awards ceremony. The Global Impact Award, which is in partnership with the Recording Academy's Black Music Collective, was created to recognize those within the music industry who have left a lasting positive influence on Black music throughout their careers.

In accepting the first-ever Global Impact Award, Dr. Dre expressed gratitude for not only achieving such an honor but also for having the established in his name. At the time, he also acknowledged the fact that he was presented with the Global Impact Award during hip-hop's 50th anniversary in 2023.

"I'm extremely moved by this award," Dr. Dre said. "I want to say thank you to the Recording Academy and the Black Music Collective for this honor, and I know everybody in here probably knows this already, but this is the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop. Make some noise for hip-hop!"

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See Jay-Z accept the 2024 Dr. Dre Global Impact Award in the video below.

Watch Jay-Z's Full Acceptance Speech for Receiving the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award at the 2024 Grammy Awards

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