The Suwanee Police Department in Georgia has confirmed with XXL that GloRilla was arrested. In the police incident report, the arresting officer noted that the rapper's eyes were watery and bloodshot when the officer conducted a routine traffic stop of the vehicle. Glo was driving and failed to obey a traffic control device. The cop detailed that the smell of marijuana was coming from the vehicle and the smell of alcohol was on the rhymer's breath.

Though GloRilla admitted she had been drinking, she allegedly told the officer that the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed and what kind did not matter. Glo claimed she was good to drive. She agreed to conduct field sobriety evaluations. The officer noticed several clues indicating Glo was driving under the influence. Glo refused to take a portable breath test. She was then arrested.


GloRilla recently found herself on the wrong side of the law, resulting in an arrest for a DUI, among other charges.

GloRilla Arrested for DUI Outside of Atlanta

According to a report from TMZ on Wednesday (April 17), GloRilla was taken into custody and booked in Gwinnett County, Ga., outside of Atlanta, on Tuesday (April 17), on suspicion of driving under the influence, consuming/possessing an open alcoholic beverage container and a separate traffic charge. The publication notes that Glo was booked at 6:12 a.m. and was bonded out hours later.

Local Atlanta news outlet Channel 2 Action News specifies that, according to the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, GloRilla's traffic charge was: failure to obey a traffic control device. She was also released on $1,956 bond. The arrest appears to have taken place in Suwanee, Ga., a suburb about a 30 minutes outside Atlanta, as TMZ's mugshot was obtained from the Suwanee Police Department. Channel 2 Action News, who also notes that Glo was arrested by the Suwanee Police Department, however, has a different mugshot.

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What Led to GloRilla's Arrest?

Based on a police report, obtained by TMZ, police pulled over a vehicle that made a U-turn at a red light around 4 a.m. yesterday morning. GloRilla, who admitted to drinking that night, insisted that she was OK to drive. Police administered a field sobriety test, which TMZ claims Glo was "shaky on, especially staying on her feet." The Memphis rapper was also asked to do series of DUI tests including an eye-follow test, walk-and-turn, one-leg balance and walking in a straight line. Glo apparently failed all of the DUI tests and refused a breathalyzer. Amid all of this, police also note that GloRilla experienced a wardrobe malfunction as well, with her breast slipping out of her clothing.

GloRilla was ultimately arrested, as mentioned, and an associate came to retrieve her vehicle.

XXL has reached out to a rep for GloRilla, the Gwinnett County Jail and the Suwanee Police Department.

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GloRilla's arrest news comes after the release of her latest project, Ehhthang Ehhthang, and the announcement that she'll be supporting Megan Thee Stallion this summer on the global Hot Girl Summer tour.

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