G. Dep says Diddy never visited him during his 13 years in prison but he's also more than willing to work on new music with the embattled hip-hop mogul.

G. Dep Talks About Diddy Never Visiting Him in Prison

In a new interview with The Art of Dialogue that dropped on Tuesday (April 16), former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper G. Dep opened up about the 13 years he spent in prison for second-degree murder. During the multi-part conversation, Dep also explained that his former boss, Diddy, never visited him the entire time he was locked up. Despite that, the Harlem rhymer isn't holding a grudge.

"Well, he reached out to me inadvertently," G. Dep says in the video below when asked if Diddy ever paid him a visit in prison. "Like, videos and a couple of interviews, I heard him shout me out. 'Yo, shout out to Dep. Hold your head.' You know what I mean, but you know, I couldn't expect anything too much from anybody. That wasn't what type of time that was. I went in there on my own volition. So, I had to handle that accordingly, you know?"

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G. Dep Still Wants to Work With Diddy on New Music and Speaks About the Mogul's Current Sexual Assualt and Sex Trafficking Allegations

Even though Diddy never paid him a visit during the 13 years he spent in prison, G. Dep is ready and willing to work with Diddy on new music now that he is a free man. In an interview with New York's Fox 5 on Tuesday, explained that he is eager to get into the studio to record the 400 songs he wrote while he was incarcerated.

"I got a lot of songs, bro," G. Dep says as he addresses Diddy directly in the interview below. "I'm looking for you so we can get some type of musical situation going."

Elsewhere in the interview, G. Dep spoke on Diddy's current sexual assault allegations and the recent sex trafficking investigation surrounding Puff. Dep explains that he never witnessed anything that Diddy is being accused of.

"I'm like, 'when?'" G. Dep tells the news reporter. "When did that happen? You know what I mean? We were in the studio for months on end with each other. So, I don't know where this is coming from."

Regarding Diddy, he also adds: "People should give people the benefit of the doubt. If somebody's just saying that you did something, you know... People could say anything."

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What Was G. Dep's Relationship With Diddy in the Past?

G. Dep was signed by Bad Boy in 1998 after being discovered by Diddy and his late labelmate Black Rob. Dep released his debut album, Child of the Ghetto in 2001, which found him collaborating with Diddy and Black Rob on his most commercially successful single to date "Let's Get It." G. Dep was dropped by Bad Boy Entertainment in 2005 due to a battle with drug addiction. Just before going to prison in 2010, the Harlem MC dropped his most recent album, Ghetto Legend, via Famous Records.

G. Dep Was Recently Released From Prison After Serving 13 Years for Murder

G. Dep was released from prison earlier this month after serving 13 years of a 15-year sentence. He was found guilty of second-degree murder after confessing to the 1993 shooting death of John Henkel in December of 2010. Four months ago, Dep was granted clemency by New York Governor Kathy Hochul due to his rehabilitation efforts.

In the interviews with both The Art of Dialogue and Fox 5 below, watch G. Dep explain his desire to work with Diddy despite the Bad Boy Entertainment exec never visiting him in prison, his thoughts on Diddy's allegations and more.

Watch G. Dep Talk About Diddy Not Visiting Him During His 13 Years in Prison and More

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