FendiDa Rappa is a major star on the rise coming into the game with the same type of raw authenticity her home city of Chicago has always been known for.

Fendi's first memories of rapping date back as far as 2012 around the same time artists like Chief Keef were putting Chicago drill on the map. As a child, she and her cousins would put words together in rhyme form as a special type of family bonding. However, when she tragically lost her best friend in 2017, she was inspired to explore the rap game as a legitimate career opportunity.

With a drive to turn that negative into a positive, FendiDa Rappa moved to Houston where she began putting together her 2021 debut mixtape Str8 From Da Raq. The tape spawned the single "Juke Song," which served as a lightbulb moment for Fendi. With a sound that blends drill with a footwork-type dance vibe known as juke, Fendi knew she could carve out a lane for herself by mixing the two popular Chicago subgenres together.

In December of 2022, the release of the infectious "Point Me to the Sl*ts" saw FendiDa Rappa's career aspirations become a reality overnight. By the time Fendi woke up the next morning following the song's release, a local high school student's TikTok video put more than 1 million eyes on the Jordan Loud-produced banger. The viral success of "Point Me to the Sl*ts" then caught the attention of none other than Cardi B and from there, FendiDa Rappa's rise was up and stuck.

Bardi's team immediately reached out to Fendi and after making sure she wasn't falling victim to a social media troll, she found herself on the phone with the Bronx superstar directly. That fateful call led to Cardi B hopping on the track's official remix, "Point Me 2," and subsequently found the newly minted pairing on set at a music video shoot in the Chi. "Point Me 2" has since amassed over 15 million streams across all music platforms and reached a peak position of No. 82 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

While FendiDa Rappa, 28, celebrates the recent release of "In the Trunk" featuring GloRilla and gears up to drop her debut album in early 2024, she pulls up to XXL's The Break: Live. Throughout the interview, Fendi discusses how all the puzzle pieces have been coming together for her recently and in what ways she intends to capitalize on her moment in the spotlight. She also touches on why she feels women are at the very top of the hip-hop space and much more.

Check out the full interview below.

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"Point Me 2" with Cardi B

"In the Trunk" featuring GloRilla

"Juke Song"

"Perks" featuring SemaJMacc

Str7 From Da Raq

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