Kendrick Lamar opened a Costco-sized can of worms back in March when he dissed Drake and J. Cole on the Future and Metro Boomin song "Like That." Since then, it's like half the hip-hop industry has been out for blood, with several diss songs being released in the last month. And some of the vitriol being tossed back and forth is off the chain. Here's a look at the wild lyrics from the recent tracks that have everyone talking.

Kendrick Lamar shocked the rap world when he went in on Drake and J. Cole.

"And your best work is a light pack/N***a, Prince outlived Mike Jack'/N***a, bum/For all your dogs gettin' buried/That's a K with all these nines, he gon' see Pet Sematary/N***a, bum," K-Dot raps.

It was a calm before the storm. However, Cole was the first to step up to the plate with his response "7 Minute Drill" where he trashed the Compton, Calif. rapper's catalog.

"Your first s**t was classic, your last s**t was tragic/Your second s**t put n***as to sleep, but they gassed it/Your third s**t was massive and that was your prime," Cole rhymes. Cole would go on to bow out of the beef a couple of days later But that was only the beginning. It soon became clear the K-Dot wasn't only only person who had an issue with Drake as Rick Ross, The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky also shaded The Boy on songs.

After Cole's controversial apology, Drake showed his lack of remorse by returning fire with two diss songs called "Push Ups" and "Taylor Made Freestyle" to assassinate Kendrick Lamar's character. The latter track caused a bit of controversy for its use of artificially crafted Tupac and Snoop Dogg lyrics and even resulted in Pac's estate issuing a cease-and-desist to Drizzy over his use of the phony vocals.

After a tense two weeks of radio silence, Kendrick finally retaliated with "Euphoria," a six-minute juggernaut of a song that finds K-Dot attacking Drake from all angles. He then hit Drizzy again with "6:16 in LA," which Kendrick dropped on Instagram on May 3, similar to Drake's "Taylor Made Freestyle."

In the midst of all this, Chris Brown and Quavo also jumped into the ring, in what may be the most intense back-and-forth of them all. The point is it's getting ugly in these hip-hop streets.

Check out the most vicious lyrics from hip-hop's recent diss songs from Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Quavo, Chris Brown and more below.

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