Both Drake and Kendrick Lamar allegedly have huge disses in the works aimed at each other.

Joe Budden Says He Has Inside Information Regarding Drake and Kendrick Lamar Diss Tracks

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which dropped on Wednesday (April 10), the topic of The Big 3 battle between Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole dominated the conversation. Amid the banter with his cohosts, Joe Budden claims he has inside knowledge that Kendrick Lamar and Drake each have scathing disses in the works that will bust the entire situation wide open.

"I have it on good information that both sides went in the booth and came out," Joe Budden explains in the video below. "What I'm hearing about both sides is that it's nuclear. It's up-up. I'm hearing this from people that can rap. So, I want to come in here and say that speculation time is over. Debate time is over."

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Joe Budden Believes the Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef Is Going to a Personal Level

Elsewhere in the podcast, Joe Budden also implied that while many people have been under the impression that the Big 3 battle is a somewhat friendly competition among the top lyricists in the game, it's actually much more than that. Budden believes Drake and Kendrick Lamar are about to elevate things to a deep, personal level, which is the reason he thinks J. Cole has backed off.

"Get out the way," Budden says. "Whatever little rappy s**t you thought was going on, it's not that and something is coming. I think that J. Cole knows that from either Kendrick or Drake or both. It was time to bow out because now we are no longer in the first round. Kendrick has earned himself a by with Cole's apology."

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In the video clip below, watch Joe Budden explain that Drake and Kendrick Lamar each have massive disses to bring to the table.

Joe Budden Claims Drake and Kendrick Lamar Both Have "Nuclear" Disses Coming

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