Drake took a shot at Childish Gambino last night on the first date of Drizzy's It's All a Blur Tour.

Drake Disses Childish Gambino's "This Is America"

Drake and 21 Savage kicked off their It's All a Blur Tour on Wednesday night (July 5) at Chicago's United Center. During Drake's 35-song solo set, the visuals surrounding the bottom portion of the stage display messages to the crowd. One message is a direct shot at Childish Gambino. In video of the show captured by a concertgoer below, Drizzy is on the stage performing his 2011 song "Headlines" as headlines scroll across the screen. One of them reads: "The overrated and overawarded hit song "This Is America" was originally a Drake diss record."

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Childish Gambino Admits 'This Is America' Was Initially a Drake Diss

Back in April, Childish Gambino sat down for an interview with GQ magazine where he admitted his Grammy winning 2018 single "This Is America" started out as a Drake diss.

"The idea of the song started as a joke," Childish Gambino told GQ around the 17:40 mark of the interview below. "To be completely honest, 'This is America' [the lyric] - that was all we had was that line. It started as a Drake diss, to be honest, as like a funny way of doing it. But then I was like, this shit sounds kind of hard though. So I was like, let me play with it."

The Atlanta creator didn't expound on why he wanted to diss Drake.

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Drake's It's All a Blur Tour

Drake launched his 56-date It's All a Blur Tour with 21 Savage last night and the tour has been the talk of the internet. For one, Drake's set included a light show of swimming sperm. The Boy also performed with a huge statue of Virgil Abloh as well as a hologram of his younger self. Drake was also hit by a phone thrown from the crowd during the show.

Take a look at Drake dissing Childish Gambino on his stage.

Watch Drake Dissing Childish Gambino During the First Show on Drizzy's It's All a Blur Tour Below

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