Dame Dash is being sued for nearly $400 million by a photographer who alleges the Roc-a-Fella Records cofounder took her photos and photo equipment and didn't pay her.

Dame Sued for Nearly $400 Million by Photographer

Dame Dash has found himself in another court matter. On Feb. 22, photographer Monique Bunn filed a new suit against Dame, insisting she is owed $384,750,000 in damages after Dame allegedly stole and damaged her photos and photo equipment, according to court documents obtained by XXL on Monday (Feb. 26). Bunn initially sued Dame in 2019, alleging conversion, sexual assault and defamation of character, after he allegedly invited her to his home to review pictures she'd taken of him over the years. She claims he kicked her out of his home on the second day of the visit and Dame refused to let her retrieve her belongings, including photographs and photo equipment. He allegedly only returned the damaged items in 2021. Some of the 256,000 photos were damaged and others were missing.

In 2023, a jury sided with Bunn on liability for the defamation claim and awarded her $30,000. However, Dame was cleared of battery and theft.

"The evidence at trial – which was uncontroverted – established that each photo was worth $1,500, which should have resulted in a verdict for at least $384,750,000," the court document reads. "It is well known that professional photographers earn much of their income through licensing their portfolio of photographs, and Defendants’ actions destroyed Ms. Bunn’s economic prospects. The jury ignored the valuation evidence and awarded zero to Ms. Bunn."

"It is impossible to conceive how a jury could conclude that a professional
photographer’s portfolio of thousands of photos, as well as photography equipment,
could be worth zero," the filing continues. "Especially when the Plaintiff and the Defendants both testify that the damages are in the millions. A new trial is warranted under these

The next hearing for the case is scheduled for March 22.

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Dame Dash Forced to Sell Roc-a-Fella Shares

The news of the reopened lawsuit comes on the heels of news that Dame is being forced by a judge to sell his shares in Roc-a-Fella Records to pay off a judgment in another case.

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