Looks like the City Girls are acting up on X, formerly known as Twitter.

City Girls Beef Erupts Online

On Monday (April 8), Yung Miami and JT went at it on X, but it isn't clear why or what exactly triggered the verbal dispute. Earlier this afternoon, Miami tweeted, "REAL BAD!!!! I just be chillin tho" in response to a fan writing her, "They want u to crash out fa they entertainment chi." Yung Miami then retweeted a tweet, which said, "If you don’t like me, get in line h*e’."

She followed up with a separate tweet that read, "Am I mad? Or YALL mad???"

Shortly after, JT typed, "Glock loaded with an extended clip!" to which Yung Miami retweeted. Miami went on to say, "A b***h been sneak dissing me for weeks and I ain't say s**t what a b***h mad at me fa?????!!!!!!" JT wrote on her own timeline, "What happens in the dark ALWAYS come to the light!" She then replied to Miami, saying, "Oh Ms.mama this your LAST day playing dumb!"

Yung Miami continued, "I ain't jealous of a soul I'm always like go b***h go!!! I clap for everybody I show love to EVERYBODY it ain't a b***h I haven't shown love to!!!!!!" JT then requested an appearance on Yung Miami's Caresha Please show, sans Saucy Santana, who was Miami's cohost on the episode JT initially appeared on. "It’ll be too much for me to tweet! I will like a sit down…. Caresha please! And this time leave Santana home!" JT said.

The tweets continued to pour in at a rapid-fire rate. JT typed, "I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack s**t to this girl she literally enjoys seeing me being dragged when ppl show me love she goes crazy & call it a hate train! But like I said we can sit & talk about it!" Seemingly in response to JT, Miami said, "LOL HERE WE GO OK!"

Yung Miami further wrote, "For you to come on here & try to play victim is crazy! Jatavia you been sneak dissing me for the LAST COUPLE OF DAYS!!! I haven't said s**t back to you!! You made 2 whole songs DISSING ME & I STILL RAPPED your s**t with my chest & showed love :) so what's the real problem here??? You LET THE INTERNET PUT IN YOUR HEAD THAT IM JEALOUS OF YOU! WHEN YOU KNOW IM THE ONE THAT ALWAYS PUSHED US YOU HAVE RESENTMENT TOWARDS TO & that's ok!!!"

Miami added, "A b***h trying to kick me while I'm down and play into these narratives! Is dangerous when I been nothing but a friend to you!!!!!"

Clueless as to what Yung Miami was referring to, JT responded, "Which songs was about you???" adding several laughing emojis. She followed up with, "Girl the internet told you that which songs was about you the one saying 'it’s city girl s**t even when it ain’t city girl s**t' that was released under city girls or the one that say riding solo but I’m still in a group? Get your phone back from whoever this is baby don’t play with me!"

Yung Miami responded, saying JT's most recent singles, "No Bars" and "Sideways," were directed at her. To this, JT replied, "Oh wow you’re really losing it! If you thought this why not speak to me about it? You came on here & said LOL so ppl can ask you why you wasn’t defending me….ATTENTION seeking as usual!"

JT also replied to Yung Miami's mention of her going through a rough time and being kicked while she's down. "You looking for a way out of your situation who was the first person called you when it all started? You’re a sad f**king case!!!!" JT said.

Yung Miami fired back at JT, writing, "NOT YOU."

Miami continued, "You weird but always wanna act like I'm a weirdo you always mad it's always a problem & all I try to do is push you tell you, you the s**t you can rap, you should model etc! You always mad you doing your s**t as you should CONGRATULATIONS but somehow you STILL MAD AT!!!!!!"

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JT Feuds With GloRilla

The back-and-forth between Yung Miami and JT comes days after JT exchanged words online with GloRilla. On Friday (April 5), JT and Glo had their own battle of the blows, stemming from the Memphis rapper mentioning JT in a song. The song "Aite" finds GloRilla saying that she and JT aren't the best of friends, but they aren't beefing. This bar presumably sparked the blowup on X, formerly known as Twitter, consisting of below-the-belt insults and a copious amount of expletives.

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Hopefully Yung Miami and JT can mend fences because the public seems to be disappointed at them being at odds. See their beef on social media below.

See the City Girls Feud on X